Bins Aint Bins


Do you remember the Castrol oil ads? They got the message across – that if you wanted the best, you had to look for it, insist that you got it – as any self-respecting ‘gangster’ (in the ads, now, Industry Leader) would!

The message is the same for bins, you can only get the best if you are prepared to go find it and pay for it! With wheelie bins, Brisbins has now made that so much easier, but if you are NOT interested in getting the best value based on Brisbins quality commitment and you only want the cheapest, disposable short life wheelie bins, then skip the rest! It will cost you more in the long run!


TRUTH – Brisbins tells not only the truth but gives you the whole story so you are fully informed.

1/ Choice – YOU decide what quality and features you want at NO extra cost from Brisbins!

2/ Quality – again, you choose (with BRISBINS)! If you have been in the ‘BIN’ game for a while you will know that, generally, wheelie bins are not what they used to be BUT, did anyone ask or inform you about the changes? And, did you get a price drop when the quality dropped? NO – “Bins Aint Always Bins!”

Wheelie bins (240L size) in Oz, 12+ years ago weighed up to around 13-15kg but today they can weigh over 3kg less. Due to this and the below variation, you may understand why there is so much more cracking and splitting in new bins even after having been in service for just a short time. The reduction of plastic in the bins causing some of the weight loss was part of a re-design along with thinner bin walls coinciding with the introduction of tyne lift trucks, thus, the new Australian standard for wheelie bins arrived. This facilitated the introduction of re-ground, used plastic into the plastic mix for wheelie bins. This standard allows for up to 30% re-ground (used) plastic to be included in making wheelie bins today. This change was presumably, beneficially introduced to clean up unusable older and broken bins and, hopefully it is achieving that goal because it is not improving the quality or the life of new wheelie bins nor did it reduce the cost (to the consumer) of a new wheelie bin! Think of it as the difference between full strength beer and ‘light’ beer without the price drop rightly afforded with lower alcohol options! This isn’t actually a fair comparison because your ‘light beer’ option is always (hopefully) a new brew of NEW ingredients unlike the wheelie bin mix which, think about this, ends up with a lesser % of new Virgin-quality plastic in the mix each time it is cycled.

Regardless, the quality of the wheelie bin is diminished from that of a 100% virgin raw material product and must be considered inferior in quality, strength and durability to such a bin. Just like watered down beer, but, without a price reduction to (you) the consumer!

At Brisbins you can always expect to not only get value for your money when you buy Brisbins quality wheelie bins, because we give full disclosure and its pricing clearly defines what quality and size you are buying, including the % of virgin raw material in the bin, so you can have a genuine, like for like comparison with other options.

At Brisbins you can choose the best 100% virgin raw material bins in any size, or the Australian Standard 70% virgin raw material + 30% regrind bins, or another grade/option, and pay a price accordingly (less our volume discounts of course!). Come see us and talk it over.

3/ Colours – with Brisbins there is no restriction as to your colour choices but there may be conditions. All wheelie bin manufacturers have the ability to produce any colour of bin if the colour is commercially available. You can choose any colour you want at Brisbins as long as you buy sufficient for the manufacturer to justify making the change in its production run which is obviously a fair expectation isn’t it? Brisbins has a ‘factory’ standard range of colours just like all others but we do not ‘pad’ the price for non-standard colours or for ‘mixing’ colour combinations as do some of Brisbins’ competitors – i.e. for a different coloured lid for example!

 4/ Colour Combos – at Brisbins you can mix lid colours and types with your choice of bin body colour at no extra cost – (may not include phytotoxic colours)! Obviously, subject to availability from time to time.

 5/ Special Lids – at Brisbins there are special lids available that can be purchased separately or in combination with a bin, but Brisbins does NOT charge you for the original ‘complete’ bin if you buy the special lid at the same time as the bin combo (you must specify the combination when you order). Factory cut lids are supplied at the standard complete bin price – no extra. Special cuts may be as low as $1.50 ea.

6/ Wheels – Brisbins also has special wheels and axels which ARE at an additional charge, but you will get a credit for the standard wheels/axels when ordering as a unit – ask for details.

7/ Accessories – Brisbins has an extensive range of accessories and spare parts to suit all your wheelie bin needs, such as: foot pedals, vermin-proof lids, recycling lids, solid axels, table tops, compost packs, wash out bin kits, spill kits, lid lock kits, rotation plates, trunnions, side pockets etc. Talk to us.

 8/ Inclusions – NOT all wheelie bins are made equal! At Brisbins we take the time to ‘build-in’ extras that both support quality, efficiency and safety, all at no extra cost, such as:

Printing of logos: you provide the artwork and positioning instructions.

Pins: wheelie bin lid pins are attached to the bin at the factory – never be short delivered a pin again! Stronger (12mm) but removable lid pins – shark fin locking device that can easily be rotated for easy removal and/or reuse if desired.

Axel support: check out how Brisbins’ axels are provided with double the support of other brands of bins to ensure both longer life and safety.

Lid bracketing: check out the additional support for Brisbins’ bin structure for their lid connectivity (stronger thickness).

Bin base protection: one of the fastest wearing part of wheelie bins has been the base ‘toe’ (front edge) which historically has ‘scrubbed’ out, but not anymore. With Brisbins wheelie bins now being fitted with steel inserts in the bases – multiple inserts can be applied if required with ‘2’ being the minimum applied to every bin.

Heavy duty and removable wheels: spring loaded pins automatically lock the wheel on to the axel which can simply be depressed when needed for easy removal which is a boon for recycling our strong bins! Bin wheels are not recyclable with the bin plastic and has been an unnecessary headache for recycling operators and re-stacking for years!

Maneuverability: Brisbins bin wheel and design facilitate a “push-pull’ ability option for safer and easier handling.

Delivery: if your order is to be palletised, Brisbins can ship on pallets of your choice with all parts/components either inside the bins or on the same pallets making tallying your delivery simpler.

These features and benefits generally apply across Brisbins’ range so you don’t need to think about quality or durability.  Remember when you buy a Brisbins bin, you know you have the best quality and lowest cost bins! Just like Oils aint Oils – thanks Castrol and thanks to Brisbins’ research and development teams.


John Murray